Spring 2017 Potpourri Events

April 10  10:00 AM to noon, Pine Dale Motor Inn


Presented by Don Santor

What’s a Canadian?  What makes us different from Americans? We look the same, talk the same, watch the same TV and movies and eat the same food. So what makes us Canadian? What, if anything, makes Canada distinctive among the nations of the world?  Why is it that Canadians are the only ones to ask this question of themselves?  Are we destined to eventually disappear into the English speaking melting pot of North America?  This session will explore these questions as we attempt to describe and define a Canadian identity.

April 24  Noon to 2:00 PM, Lambton County Museum


Presented by Nancy Winters

The Grand Bend Event known as Paint Ontario! is rapidly becoming one of the best known and popular art exhibition events in the province, and it originated here in the vision of some determined local artists.  We will gather at noon in the lunch gallery at the Lambton Heritage Museum to hear how it all came about, and what it means for the province’s artists. Curator Theresa Marie Phillips and a group of local artists will describe why this event has become key to Grand Bend’s reputation as an artistic hub. In addition, the event’s famous caterer, Erryn Sheppard, will talk about the  important role of food in a community’s celebratory life.

Please pre-register with Nancy at 519-238-5419. 

May 1, Meet at 10:00 AM, Pine Dale Motor Inn


With Debbie A. McClure

What is a creative mind and how does it work?  Do you believe you have a creative mind, or perhaps firmly believe you don’t?  Multi-published author Debbie A. McClure talks about how to nurture the creative mind and the truth behind the mystifying “muse” creative people talk about.  Learning how to trust yourself and your creativity, finding that spark of creativity in all of us, and discussing the truth behind the business of monetizing creativity are just some of the topics she’ll be discuss during her presentation.

Click HERE for a more details / event flyer.

Special thanks to Kevin Coates, Adult Services Librarian, Lambton County Library.

May 8, Field Trip


Host and Coordinator: Jim Southcott

This event is fully subscribed.

The feuds, murder, and mayhem surrounding James Donnelly and his infamous family has intrigued Canadians for over a century.  Their homestead lies in our own backyard in Lucan, Ontario, where the Donnellys were killed after years of conflict with neighbours.

Jim Southcott and Carla Revington will guide us through the Lucan Area Heritage and Donnelly Museum, related gravesites and schoolhouses, and the site of the fateful massacre at Whalen’s Corners. Be ready for adventure, followed by lunch and discussion!

This event is limited to 20 people.  The fee, including registration, the museum, the Donnelly homestead and the bus is estimated at $25.  Lunch will be covered by each participant. Carpooling arranged from Grand Bend to Lucan.

May 15, 10:00 AM to noon, Pine Dale Motor Inn


Presented by Mike Ash and Kathy Liberty

Want to know how to raise eyebrows? Tell your friends that you are flying to Whitehorse (4,622 nm or 8,562 km, return) in a “tin can” that you made yourself. In the ongoing saga of Mike and Kathy’s aviation adventures, 2016 saw a 3 week adventure to the far northwest. Share the challenges, highs and lows of this trip of “100 billion trees”. What motivates some folks to take some risk and check off a bucket list item? Learn something more about our spectacular Canada as seen from a few thousand feet above the ground, as told by the pilot and “co-pilot”.