What We Offer

When are courses offered?

Courses are held on MONDAYS during the day, through the fall and winter. Normally a course is an hour and a half long and runs for five weeks.

Where are courses held?

We meet at the newly renovated Huron Shores United Church at 25 Main Street in Grand Bend. Practical classes, discussion groups, and peer learning courses are held in the beautiful and well-equipped facilities of HSUC. Field trips and other special events involve other locations as needed. Click here to view their website.


Each course has a moderator who organizes and keeps discussions on topic, on time, and cordial. Several different kinds, to appeal to a wide range of
learning styles, are offered.

  • Peer Learning Courses require all participants to contribute a short talk on something relevant to the topic. A variety of formats are used: notes, audio visuals, internet resources, or activities. We keep presentations informal. Very few speakers elect to stand up before the group. Discussion follows and all members may choose to take part.
  • Discussion Courses may have a moderator who has special expertise in a chosen topic, or who uses video to stimulate discussion on a topic. Sample topics: Inuit Art, Creative writing, Organic Farming. Participants do not provide presentations, but do participate in the discussions.
  • Activity Courses have a moderator or guest speaker with developed background in a practice such as drawing, intelligent movement, or bird watching.

Spring Potpourri

This series offers a selection of 5, 2 hour sessions with intriguing topics. Venues and times may vary but usually occur Monday AM. The sessions start in early April and continue on consecutive weeks. Take just one or enroll in all 5.  It is a pleasant and stimulating way to keep your mind active and to meet others who share your interests. The 5-week spring Potpourri Program is open to members and non-members.  Times and fees vary depending on the venue and activity – a field trip with lunch is usually involved.

Information about all programs will be posted on this website as it becomes available.