PIL Talks, September 12, 2016

Choose one.  Choose all.  But come!  OPEN HOUSE ON SEPTEMBER 12

This is a new format for the fall introduction.  It is open to non-members with the first session being free. The remaining sessions cost $10 each or $30 for the four talks.  The cost for members is $5 per session or $20 in total.

If you think your interested check us out, click here for more.

Canadian Theatre,  September 12

Nancy Winters will talk about  advances in Canadian theatre,  The second hour will feature two working playwrights who  strive  to represent Canada as a  source for dramatic material.

Travel Photography with Tom Stewart,  September 19

Since retiring Tom Stewart has done a number of trips with the goal of improving his photography and capturing the sights and feeling of the places he visits. Tom will talk to us about how to improve our vacation photographs with numerous examples from some of his favourite trips   The emphasis will be on discussing the elements which make a good picture – such as composition, light, subject, colour, and line. Regardless of the hardware you use to capture your images there is sure to be helpful information for your next holiday.

How to Make an Effective Presentation,  Don Santor- September 26

Everyone would like to be able to make effective presentations.  We never know when the occasion will arise.  So how do you make effective presentations?  How do you make a presentation interesting?  How do you get people involved?  How do you stimulate discussion?  How do you incorporate humour? And finally, how does a person relax and feel comfortable when making presentations?  These are some of the practical questions that will be addressed in this session.

Mindfulness with Mickey Gurbin,  October 3

Mindfulness, according to Jon Kabat-Zinn, is the ability to pay attention, moment by moment, to the unfolding of one’s experiences. Based on ancient Buddhist teachings, Mindfulness has taken root in the West over the past 40 years to become a popular alternative and complementary treatment in health and wellness. Mindfulness is an internal resource within each of us and the idea is to develop this ability to transform or relationship with stress, emotional overlay, and even chronic and acute pain. Join us to explore how to focus on what is unfolding both within and around you and discover the benefits of connecting with your own experience.

Current World Events with Don Santor,  October 17

World events are disrupting our lives and threatening our future every day. They are exploited by leaders the world over. How should we react? What can we do? This session will examine and discuss 3 or 4 significant world events that are preoccupying the media as summer comes to an end.