Innovation, Only in Canada, Eh!, October 24, 2016

Moderator:  Mike Ash
Registration Fee:  $20
Time:  5 weeks, Monday, 10:00 AM to Noon, October 24 to November 21
Location:  Pine Dale Motor Inn
Format:  Presentations and Discussion

Technological innovation is directly tied to science and scientific research. While Canada has a great education system and directly funds research, our ability to turn this effort into “economic or social value”¹ has recently come into question. Let’s find examples of Canadian ingenuity and inventiveness and talk about them to discover the status of science and innovation in Canada. Can we hold our heads high and claim to be savvy in science and technology?

¹ Conference Board of Canada definition of innovation

InnovationPossible Topics to Explore

  • Important discoveries that have made life better for us all
  • How has your favourite company innovated to build value?
  • The role of government programs and funding – examples of success or otherwise
  • The role of colleges and universities – examples of success or otherwise
  • Barriers to innovation – examples
  • Science to help the environment
  • The special case of our digital world, value creation and societal impact – specific examples
  • Primary education – numeracy and science programs
  • Personalities – science super stars
  • How does the media present science and innovation?
  • How is Canada really doing?
  • Why is it important?
  • Canadian inventions big and small
  • How do you see science in our society?