Ancestral Medicine, October 24, 2016

Moderator:  Karen Bowes-Sewell
Registration Fee:  $20
Time:  5 weeks, Monday, 2:00 to 4:00 PM, October 24 to November 21
Location:  Pine Dale Motor Inn
Format:  Brief Information Gathering, Videos

ancestral-medicineWe depend on our science-based medicine to solve our health problems. And it mostly does a good job. But what did our ancestors use before big pharma? How do shamans in eastern cultures work? Which medicinal and edible plants grow right in our own backyards yet are thrown out as weeds? Why do many alternative health practices consider the mind and spirit in healing while modern western medicine focuses more on the physical body? Join us to rediscover healing perspectives and prescriptions that have been long-lost and yet may still offer promising benefits, and have a look at recent research on some old traditions. To your health!

Here are some possible topics …

♥  Ancient Medicine – Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, or Ayurveda
♥  Hippocrates
♥  Galen
♥  The Four Humours
♥  Medieval Islamic Medicine – Al-Razi
♥  Medieval Pharma – Hildegard von Bingen
♥  Renaissance Medicine
♥  Enlightenment Medicine
♥  Scientific Method
♥  Rise of public health
♥  Development of hospitals
♥  Mental Illness
♥  Traditional Chinese Medicine
♥  Alternative medicine
♥  Complementary medicine
♥  Integrative medicine
♥  Folk remedies
♥  Indigenous medicine
♥  First Nations medicine in Canada
♥  Medicine men and women
♥  Shamans
♥  Edible and medicinal plants
♥  Diana Berseford Kroeger – “The Sweetness of a Simple Life”
♥  Mind and spirit in healing
♥  Jo Marchant – “Cure – A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body”
♥  Placebo effect as treatment
♥  Relationship between the nervous system and the immune system
♥  Meditation and inflammation
♥  Mind-body medicine: meditation, prayer, art therapy, distance healing, hypnotism
♥  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – Jon Kabat-Zinn
♥  Manipulative and body-based practices: massage, osteopathy, somatic practices, chiropractic
♥  Energy therapies: qigong, reiki, therapeutic touch, electromagnetic therapy
♥  Naturopathy
♥  Homeopathy
♥  Reflexology
♥  Bio-feedback
♥  Neurofeedback