AGM Report

Southcott Pines Club House, December 2, 2013

Members and guests enjoyed a social get together and a pot luck lunch where no one goes hungry.  The group also heard about the upcoming winter course from the moderators.


Don Santor, in his captivating style, presented “Humanity in Crisis” as moderator, and “Heroes and Villains” for Suzanne Davidson


An enthusiastic Molly Russell talked about “Ghost and Goblins”.

Nancy Winters also got us interested in “What’s so Funny”.

Down to Business …

In addition to the usual administrative parts of the meeting, three items stand out. In recognition of their efforts starting up and supporting Partners in Learning in Grand Bend, John Merkies and Bill Metcalfe were awarded plaques and life membership.


Pictured from the left: Jim Southcott, Jackie Southcott, incoming President, Bill Metcalfe, John Merkies and Dinah Taylor, Past President.

Incoming President, Jackie Southcott, in her message presented a vision for “Partners”.  Here are some highlights of that speech.

  • I believe that Partners In Learning offers us a community of caring and interested people to surround ourselves with.

  • … what better place than Partners to share your dreams with us. Show us your passion; engage your audience with what makes you happy. It’s contagious you know.

  • Partners gives us the opportunity to research new fields; to learn from our peers; to listen and be sympathetic, or not so sympathetic, to new points of view. … We don’t have to agree, but we do have the opportunity to listen and reflect. … We know enough to know there is always more to know. So I say to you, never stop learning! I believe that it’s the key to a richer life.

  • Partners gives us the opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures, beliefs and customs of our world.

  • … I challenge those of you who have as yet not felt comfortable enough to make a presentation to step forward as well. You can partner up with someone, or seek help from your moderator or go it alone with something that interests you…express your passion. We have a new slate of courses to interest everyone. We will be very proud of you, but more importantly, you will be very proud of yourself!

And last but not least a new executive was acclaimed.  A special thanks to Cam Taylor who is retiring as Treasurer / Registrar.  Welcome to Bob and Marlene.

President: Jacquelyn Southcott, 519.238.8800
Vice President: Robert Kennedy
Secretary: James Southcott
Treasurer/Registrar: Marlene Bannister
Past President: Dinah Taylor
Curriculum Chair: Beckey Jackson
Publicity: Nancy Winters
Webmaster: Mike Ash