Discoveries: Inspirations, January 15, 2018

Moderators: Karen Bowes-Sewell and Sybil Tinker
Registration Fee: $25
Time: 5 weeks, Monday, Noon to 1:15 PM, January 15 to February 12
Location: Pine Dale Motor Inn
Format: Videos and Discussion

Tales of grief and woe are showcased routinely in the daily news. The hopeful story is far more elusive and appears as an afterthought, given a little nod by the grace of more serious affairs. Such a worldview is arguably lopsided and could be characterized as “Chicken Little Syndrome”.  This course offers inspirational stories as an offering of light in the dark days of deep winter. Please join us to consider ingenious solutions to intractable social problems, original thinking that reveals links between music and architecture, the value of play and storytelling, and more.

Presentations not required.