Jackie Southcott leads Partners in Learning into a Mind-Warming Winter

Nancy Winters
for the Lakeshore Advance, January 8, 2014

At its annual meeting on December 2, Partners in Learning elected a new execu­tive, celebrated two of its originators, and feasted in the tradition of the Christmas sea­son. Incoming President Jackie Southcott beckoned the membership into its winter session with the kind of enthusiasm this organization is famous for. “Partners gives us the opportunity to research new fields; to learn from our peers; to listen and be sym­pathetic, or not so sympathetic, to new points of view. We don’t have to agree, but we do have the opportunity to listen and reflect. We know enough to know there is always more to know. So I say to you, never stop learning! I believe that it’s the key to a richer life

She then invited the moderators of four winter courses to outline their plans for two five-week winter sessions. The first session,

beginning on January 6, will feature in the mornings “Canadian Heroes and Villains” and in the afternoons “What’s So Funny ­Investigating Humour’: Beginning Febru­ary 10, it will be “Ghosts, Goblins and Appa­ritions” in the mornings, and “Humanity in Crisis” in the afternoons. These courses are open to new members at any time, but are always more enjoyable right from the beginning.

Also at its meeting, Partners in Learning shone the spotlight of gratitude on John Merkies and Bill Metcalfe for having the vision to begin this organization. At every session, members understand anew why we needed this, and why John and Bill are to be praised for providing the opportunity.

Do come along to the Pinedale Motor Inn on Mondays at ten o’clock and/or two o’clock for some wonderful adventuring into learning. You will be warmed in heart and mind! Website at partnersinlearning.ca Or call 519-238-8800.