Spring 2013 Potpourri

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2-free-dragonfly-clip-art-lYellowknife or Bust

Moderator:  Mike Ash

April 8, 2013    10 a.m.—12 noon

Pine Dale Motor Inn

Mike and Kathy Ash’s 4700 mile adventure across four provinces and one territory in their amateur–built airplane promises to be a fascinating account told in pictures and stories. They shared the amazing trek to Yellowknife  to meet the crew of “Ice Pilots NWT” with a group of 100 planes. This is a much awaited follow-up to Mike’s previous presentation, “From the Ground Up.”

Shadow River Boat Worksb

Moderator:  Brian Jackson

April 15, 2013    10 a.m.—12 noon

Skip Izon is known internationally for designing and building cedar strip canoes, kayaks and racing sculls. Marnie McBean and Silken Lauman of Olympic fame won gold and bronze medals for Canada in a Hudson racing shell designed by Skip. This is a rare opportunity to visit a true craftsman. Google “Skip Izon” to learn more about this local entrepreneur. Departure from Sobey’s parking lot at 10 a.m. for the short drive to Skip’s workshop, 2 miles N. on Highway 21.


Moderator:  Bob Kennedy

Guest Speaker:  Henry Hildebrand, owner St. Jacob’s Place Retirement Home

April 22, 2013         10 a.m.—12 noon

Pine Dale Motor Inn

Life can be compared to the seasons of the year. Spring represents the first quarter of one’s lifespan; the acute learning years. Summer represents the second quarter; the highly productive years. Fall, the third quarter, represents the reaping and repositioning years. Winter, the last quarter, represents the freedom years. This presentation will focus on a fifth season, the “Second Spring” when perhaps it is time to consider the final stage of our life journey.

Gardening For Self Expressiondragonfly-flowers

Moderator:  Beckey Jackson

April 29, 2013          10 a.m.—12 noon

Pine Dale Motor Inn

A garden is a highly personal creation, one that reconciles your ideas with the potential of the plot available. Grow a collection of plants to create a colourful or bold display, create a mood or theme or a space for outdoor living.  Anna Marie Dalton-Needles of Cobble Design will set you on the path to finding your own style. In addition Rebecca Swick of Westland Greenhouse will suggest how container planting can add another dimension to your garden.

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