Molly Russell Hosts Summer Solstice Gathering, June 21

Our own, indomitable Molly Russell will be hosting a celebration on the start of summer.  In her own words …

“I will be hosting the annual Summer Solstice gathering on Saturday, June 21st at Maple Grove for members of Partners and their partners, family, whatever, at 7:00 PM.  Folks are asked to bring a chair, some munchies for later and a beverage if they wish.  I’ll supply a non alcoholic punch.  Don Santor will bring the song sheets and please bring drums, musical instruments and your voices.  Could you please park in the playing field on the left side of the driveway before ascending the hill, crossing the bridge and arriving at my place, #5.
We will hopefully bring in a warm and beautiful summer which is long overdue.”

Partners in Learning Begins with a Bang!

Lakeshore Advance, September 11, 2013

September 9th saw an enthusiastic group gathered for the annual Open House that announces the beginning of another year for Partners in Learning. Attendees learned about the Fall courses on offer and experi­enced an animated, and at times amusing, mini Socrates Café where the topic of dis­cussion was “Will Prince George ever be King of Canada?” White boards were avail­able for comments and suggestions and the Blackboard Project sponsored by the Art Centre was enjoyed by all.

“What is Partners in Learning?” you may ask We are a group of ‘mature’ people who would like to know more about all kinds of things. Our sessions of discovery are easy­going, round the table gatherings. We share our knowledge on a great variety of sub­jects about which most of us begin by knowing nothing. A little bit of computer browsing, book reading and questioning soon fixes that! Each member is asked to work up 20 minutes of facts and stories about their chosen subject, presenting it to the group and initiating a discussion that runs the gamut from argument to hilarity. We also plan field trips to local places of interest.

We all know how important physical exercise is for well being and a healthy life, brain exercise is just as important for sound mental health. We are not ‘intellectuals; just a group of people who have become friends through a journey of discovery and learning.

Fall topics are: ‘Megaliths and Monoliths; ‘The Entertainers; ‘The Roaring Twenties’ and ‘Socrates Cafe Five week sessions are held Mondays at Pine Dale beginning Sept. 16 from 10 to noon and 2-4 pm. If you can’t be at the Open House call 519 238-1114 or look at for information.

Guest Speaker: David Smith, “Puppets and their People”


The David Smith Marionette Productions


“Puppets and their People”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 PM

Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre

69 Main Street East, Grand Bend

Free Admission

Everyone Welcome

Drawing on many years of experience in puppetry, music and teaching, David and Muriel Smith present a creative blend of entertainment and education.

Join us for a fascinating look into the history and cultural importance of the multi-layered craft of puppetry.

Visit their website at